assisted living
As your parents age, you might start seeing obvious signs that they require assisted living. For example, after a bad fall, your mother might not be able to move around her house like she used to. Or, even more direct, your father’s doctor could insist that you organize his assisted […]

Signs Your Parents May Be Ready For Assisted Living

Exercise has a lot of benefits, and this is especially true for older people. It is worth it to make exercise a part of your daily routine. Four Types of Exercise You can enjoy four different types of exercise that each helps you with a certain part of your physical […]

The Elderly and Exercising

Silver Sneakers for better life.
SilverSneakers: Better Life and Health for Seniors Maybe you’ve heard of SilverSneakers before. Or maybe you have older friends on Medicare who benefit from the program. SilverSneakers is the nation’s largest fitness program especially for seniors on Medicare. It promotes the physical, social and mental well being of millions of […]

SilverSneakers: Better Life and Health for Seniors