Life Insurance: Why Sales Are Declining and Why you need it!

Life Insurance Sales Decline

According to the life insurance and market research associations life, policy sales fluctuate in single digit percentages each year. in 2016 alone over 290 million policies were in effect compared to the drop of about 2 million in 2017. This anomaly of a drop in policy holders has not had a decrease since its steady rise in 2012. Economics, health tech, birth rates and better health all play a role in its decline as well as the knowledge of why needing life insurance is important.

Why Life Insurance Is Important

Without knowing the need and ability of life insurance most people in the 0-44 age group do not see the benefits. Insurance does not stop at death benefits and the different types available can protect your families financial well being. Life Ins can be used as access to cash, asset protection, a safe way to accumulate and most importantly flexibility.

Benefits For The Youth

If you’re in that 0-44 range there are a few reasons why you should look into purchasing a life plan. Do you have someone who depends on you for financial backing? Insurance can help you with that. Do you tend to have a habit of dipping into your savings or even starting one? Life insurance forces you to put money aside in a personal savings fund. Think you can’t afford life insurance? The earlier you purchase the plan the cheaper it will be in the long run due to being young and healthy. Insurance can also help cover funeral expenses so in an unfortunate event your loved ones won’t be caught off guard with the bill.

Times To Buy

There are times when you will want to buy life insurance. One might be when a newborn comes into your life. Just got married? Its time to have protection for you and your spouse. You might even find yourself wondering about life ins when someone close to you dies and prompts the need to want everyone to be taken care of. Whatever your reason for buying, insurance is something you want now!

Get with one of our life and financial experts today! They can help you choose a policy, or they can conduct a policy review to ensure that your current policy is still right for you!

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