Consulting An Agent During COVID-19

agent during COVID-19

The pandemic has significantly reduced the amount of in-person interaction all of us are having with our family and friends. That has even further cut down on the interaction that we have with people providing products and services like insurance agents. Even though this is the case with the COVID-19 pandemic, understanding your Medicare and life insurance options is more important than ever. There are still great ways to consult your agent during COVID-19 without seeing them in person.

There Is Still A Need

The pandemic has made seniors adapt to technological solutions to interacting with their families while they are unable to. This has also led to an increase in the number of seniors that are researching their health and life insurance options online, 8 out of 10 in fact. However, online research does not always answer every question you might have. The internet is a great informational resource, but the amount of info can also be daunting and hard to sort. Agents are very knowledgeable in their fields and can help you answer questions you may still have after your research and help in the application processes. One of the most common questions that seniors have is regarding finding a Medicare plan that allows them to still use their current doctors, and this can be difficult to figure out with the advice of an agent.

Ways To Consult With An Agent During COVID-19

While it now involves some risk to see an agent face to face that method is still available for some individuals. However, there are options for consulting that do not involve meeting in person. Phone conversations with agents have always been an option, and with the rise in video conferencing and video calling tools, it is now possible to consult with an agent regarding plan options and any other questions you may have through video. It is also possible to apply for a plan fully over the phone or video conference as well. Even with the rise of online research during COVID-19, 56% of seniors still sign up for their policies over the phone or in-person and there is still a big need for agents.

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