Coronavirus, a pandemic!

Coronavirus is declared a Pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization)

The Coronavirus, declared a pandemic by WHO, has caused a state of panic all across the globe. It is a tough time as this virus takes over the planet.

What is it?

Coronavirus causes infection in common areas such as the sinus, upper throat, and nose. It isn’t a very dangerous infection for young and healthy people but can be a fatal virus for elderly and ill people. However, it can affect your health to a great extent. It infects both animals and humans.

How does it spread?

This virus spreads by some common things like any kind of physical contact, sneezing, coughing, or saliva. The coronavirus outbreak which happened recently across the world, originating in China, is considered to be a severe acute respiratory syndrome and it can be fatal.

The symptoms of this virus are very regular. Thus, might go away in a few days. However, if the coronavirus spreads to your lungs and windpipe it can cause serious illness like pneumonia. It affects mostly older people, people with weak immune systems, and people with heart disease



Coronavirus has symptoms just like any other flu. It includes:

  • Short on breath
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Cold and Running nose

People tend to avoid seeing a doctor for a mere cough. Thus, it is hard to spot it quickly as these are very common symptoms.

How to avoid coronavirus?

You generally take steps similar to that in the flu season such as:

  • You need to take care of avoiding germs on your hands. Using sanitizers often, especially before touching anywhere on your face or before eating.
  • Moreover, washing your hands with soap and warm water every couple of hours.
  • Making sure you avoid close contact with people, especially those who might be sick and showing any kind of symptoms.


How to treat coronavirus?

As it is very similar to cold and other flu, some of the ways to treat it are similar

  • Drinking a lot of fluids and trying to eat healthy food, avoiding junk
  • Making sure you get an ample amount of rest.
  • You can also take medicines that cure fever and sore throat during the flu.


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