Dangers of Sugary Drinks

The Dangers of Sugary Drinks

Did you know consuming large quantities of sugary drinks can cause diabetes? Did you know that the extra sugar can lead to obesity?

Most people don’t think about what happens when drinking a coke or a sweetened iced tea with a meal. When you drink a sweetened beverage with a meal, it raises your blood sugar level. As a result, you eat more. The foods that you usually eat when consuming sugary drinks include salt and more sugar. This also slows down digestion. It has an effect on your body absorbing protein. So, you want to avoid that.

Sugar in Food

Now, most people think cutting back just on sugary drinks alone is enough. But, sugar is also found in many foods people don’t think about. Take barbecue sauce for example. Here in Texas taking away barbecue sauce is unheard of. Rather than cutting it out completely, people should pay more attention to the food labels. In doing so, you can use a reasonable amount and take precautions. Another one to look out for is ketchup. There’s a large amount of sugar found in ketchup when you take a closer look at that label. So, you really have to read the labels to be aware of what is in your food. Back to the sugary drinks, sports drinks are notorious for large amounts of sugar as well.

Limiting Sugar Intake

If you decide you want to cut sugar out of your diet, you don’t want to quit cold turkey. Quitting cold turkey is actually the worst way in fact. It is much more beneficial to slowly cut back, or even replace. For sweet iced tea drinkers, try making your tea half sweetened half unsweetened. Another option is to use half the amount of sugar or use a sugar substitute. For soft drink lovers, try switching to a seltzer and maybe add fruit slices for flavor. Quitting anything cold turkey doesn’t typically last. It is much more effective to slowly wean yourself off.

The evidence is out there, I recommend cutting back.

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