Music elevates productivity

How does Music enhance your ability to work?

Have you had a time where you felt super depressed and low? Your world seemed to be falling apart? You were not motivated to work on making things right? I guess everyone has had that phase. That is when you suddenly listen to this energetic and motivating music and you decide to get everything together all at once. You cannot wait to get out there and fix everything the moment you listen to the song. That is the energy we are talking about here, which changes your mood instantly by music.

However, it varies from person to person. Music could be a way to concentrate, for one, and a distraction for another. I personally like to follow the beat as I work. It enhances my productivity to a great extent. Furthermore, it keeps me from falling asleep if I am up to a monotonous routine.

music enhances performance


Music makes you feel happy and less tired

Music gives a great boost to your energy. Don’t you enjoy it when you are listening to music? It releases the neurotransmitter dopamine in your body which brings a feeling of bliss to you. Also, it reduces anxiety and stress. Moreover, it helps you feel relaxed and the energy boost makes you more active.

Music while working out

You might have noticed working out more rigorously as you are listening to upbeat music. It increases your energy and reduces boredom. Enthusiastic music can enhance the speed and intensity of your workout.

Lyrics reduces your performance

Not all kind of music boosts your productivity. Music with lyrics will keep you distracted and will make it difficult for you to work. Research has shown the more voices you hear while working, including lyrics, the less productive you are.

Familiar music vs unfamiliar music

To elevate your productivity, you need to make a smart choice of what music you want to listen to. When you are listening to a new song, your brain tends to lose focus and tries to adjust to the new sound. This can lead to less productivity. Therefore, listening to familiar music can improve your concentration by evoking strong emotions.

Music helps to strengthen your memory

Music helps you learn and recall information more quickly and accurately. Moreover, it is a great way to enhance your creativity.

Music helps you sleep better

Peaceful sleep is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy. Research proves 30% of Americans are insomniac. Soft or instrumental music keeps your mind distracted from other thoughts and help you fall asleep earlier.

Music elevates your mood as you are driving

The last thing you want to do while driving is falling asleep. Listening to music as you are driving will elevate your mood and help you stay awake and alive.


Music enhances performance

Music helps professionals

Surgeons have shown more accuracy and efficiency when worked with music playing. Studies show that it allowed participants to identify numbers more accurately and quickly when played classical or rock music. Music also relaxes patients, before and after the surgery. Furthermore, music is also known to reduce pain.

Music helps you stay calm. A calm and patient mind always does the work better than a chaotic mind.  It lifts a positive mood and vibe around you.

These are some of the great effects of music on humans.

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