Nutrition tips for the day

Nutrition tips for the day

I would like to share some nutrition tips on how to make your life happier and less stressful in this post. There is a small difference between health and nutrition. Health is referred to the care and maintenance required by our body on a regular basis and its wear and tear. However, nutrition we are talking about prevention than cure. We are talking about the right kind of inputs to our body to help it run the best. Here are some basic suggestions.

Avoid sugar calories

One of the fat inducing things you can put in your body are sugar food and drinks. When you eat solid food, our body counts it in a different way as compared to when you drink it. Mostly, fluid calories are considered more than the same number of calories in solid foods. Sugary drinks have a high risk of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and other health issues. Hence, avoiding sodas and other preserved fruit juices could be a smart decision.


Eat nuts

Nuts are high in fat, yet, extremely healthy and nutritious. Some of the nutrition they have is vitamin E, fiber, and magnesium. Moreover, nuts help you lose weight and fight some health conditions like heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Also, nuts boost our metabolism. Our body does not absorb around 10-15% of the calories in nuts. It is also said almonds enhance your ability to think and use of your brain.

Love coffee? It is healthy

Coffee is high in antioxidants. Furthermore, coffee helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, and various other diseases. After all, coffee is not all a bad addiction.

Say bye to processed junk food

Junk is junk! Extremely unhealthy and is a reason for a lot of diseases. It triggers the pleasure centers and promotes food addiction. They are low in fiber, protein, or any other nutrients and made of excessive added sugar and refined grains.

Sleep enough

I think this one is my favorite and the easiest to do. Get enough sleep and a peaceful one. Sleeping enough is a solution to a lot of things. It helps in producing more insulin for diabetic individuals. Also, it helps repair a lot of internal and cellular damages our body goes through throughout the day. It also enhances your mental performance.

Drink water

Drinking water before your meals will increase your metabolism by around 25-30%. Drinking a lot of water increases the number of calories you burn. Also, drinking water 30ish minutes before your meal increases weight loss.


DO NOT smoke or do drugs

A way to a healthy and long life is far away from drugs and cigarettes. If you are a regular smoker or if you do drugs often, you must stop it as soon as you can. Exercising and dieting can wait, but smoking is way unhealthier as compared to not exercising or having a proper diet. Additionally, drinking alcohol is unhealthy as well. However, you can reduce it to drinking occasionally and in a moderate amount.

Get rid of your belly fat

Belly fat is harmful in multiple ways. It could accommodate around the organs in your body and impact your metabolism high. Some ways to get rid of the belly fat are to reduce eating carbs and eat more fiber and protein.

Mental health

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Taking care of yourself and your relationships with your close ones is very important. People who have healthy relationships and happy families are seen to live longer. Moreover, it helps reduce stress level which could be harmful for your health. Higher stress levels induce hair fall, weight gain, overeating, depression, insomnia, and many other diseases and symptoms.


A few steps towards a healthy eating habit, little exercising, and avoiding bad habits can lead to a better and longer life. There are various other ways you can add to your day to day life but starting somewhere is important. These are some steps you can start with which do not take much effort. Once these are inculcated in your routine, trying to add some more health-conscious habits like exercising and adding cardio to your routine will take you closer to a happy and healthy life.


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