disability insurance

A wheelchair sits in a living room, and a disabled woman sits on a couch with a laptop.
Disability Insurance Awareness Month When you consider the month of May, you may picture sunny days, spring flowers blooming, or graduation ceremonies, but May is also Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Have you pondered why purchasing this insurance is advantageous? What is Disability Insurance? Disability Insurance provides a safety net for […]

Disability Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance
Think You Won’t Need Long-Term Care? Think Again According to a 2017 report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Long-Term Care (LTC) is something the majority of us will need. Approximately 70% of people over 65 will require chronic care later in life, and 20% of those […]

Think You Won’t Need Long-Term Care? Think Again

Life insurance
What is Disability Income Awareness Month? Disability Income awareness month is a time dedicated to making sure you have the coverage you need. Much like Life Insurance awareness month, Disability Income awareness month is here to show you how, why, and what you need in the event you do become […]

What is Disability Income Awareness Month?

With Disability Insurance Awareness Month in full swing, it’s time to shed light on what Disability insurance is.  LIMRA has released a new disability awareness fact sheet with data collected by Life Happens. The Data surrounding Disability Insurance is astounding. What Is Disability Coverage? For those who do not have […]

Data surrounding Disability Insurance Shows It’s Needed More Than Ever!

Whether you’re young and single or married with five kids, income replacement insurance is for you. In the video below, Criss Crombie explains income replacement insurance and why everyone needs it. Check it out! Scenario 1: Single with No Dependents For those without dependents, income replacement insurance primarily includes disability income […]

Income Replacement Insurance and Why You Need It