Top Vices for Your Health

Top Vices for Your Health

Life is full of unhealthy temptations. However, some of these “unhealthy” temptations may be exactly what you need. Here is a list of the top vices for your health and well being!

Sleep It Off

Sleep provides energy, boosts immune system, and even helps the metabolism stay on track. Without sleep your body cannot function properly. Seven to eight hours of sleep is ideal.

Play Hooky

Ever heard of a mental health day? Studies confirm a 24-hour break relieves stress and lowers blood pressure. Give your brain the break it needs.

Get Your Dark Chocolate Fix

Dark chocolate is your best chocolate option. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants shown to provide cardiovascular benefits. Studies also show dark chocolate reduces stress hormones in highly anxious people.

Drink Your Morning Cup of Joe

Wellness studies show coffee in moderation fights heart disease and some cancers. Up to two cups a day is the healthy level.

Enjoy the Sun

Sunny or bright days lift moods. Sunshine is the most effective natural antidepressant. The sun on bare skin triggers vitamin D production. Vitamin D is responsible for reducing risks of cancer, heart disease, fragile bones, and other issues. Always remember to wear sunscreen during sun exposure.

Fine Dine with Wine

Studies prove wine in moderation provides health benefits. Just a five ounce glass of wine daily is all it takes. Consume your five ounces of wine with dinner for best results. Wine contains antioxidants that keep blood vessels flexible. The heart reaps the most health benefits from wine in moderation.

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