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Healthy heart, healthy brain
Does Heart Health Affect the Brain? Protecting your heart requires a healthy diet, frequent exercise, and taking control of risk factors like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. But did you know that your heart health also plays a part in maintaining a healthy brain? Maintaining Good Heart Health Living […]

Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program for heart health and healing.
The costs of going through cardiac rehabilitation may be mostly covered by Medicare. Medicare offers a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program through their Part B coverage plans. The program covers both general cardiac rehabilitation as well as intensive cardiac rehabilitation. Rehabilitation The rehabilitation programs provide three main aspects. These are counseling, exercise, […]

Cardiac Rehabilitation Through Medicare

stress affects
How Stress Affects Your Body Stress affects everyone. Stress happens naturally as a reaction to life and experiences. For instance, during stressful moments, your body releases hormones to increase your heart and breathing rates to prepare your muscles to respond. Stress can be beneficial for immediate short-term situations. However, experiencing […]

How Stress Affects Your Body