What is Non-Alcoholic Beer?

non-alcoholic drink

What is Non-Alcoholic Beer?

A beer with no alcohol? How does that make sense and who would drink it? Well, actually, a lot of people! There has ben a growing attraction to non-alcoholic drinks and there are multiple reasons why making the switch could be beneficial.

Obviously, the main reason for drinking non-alcoholic beer is because it has no alcohol. This is perfect for anyone looking to slow down on their drinking. Or, simply, enjoy a night out without the mind-altering effects that accompany it. It may seem like beer is compromising its taste when taking out the alcohol, but the opposite is true. Breweries are taking more time to perfect the taste so that you will not notice the absence of alcohol. Heineken has a process for creating the beer which involves taking an already fully fermented beer and removing the alcohol by distillation and blending. It allows for that authentic beer taste to survive.

Now that you are sure about the taste, let me tell you about another great benefit. In removing the alcohol from the beer, the bulk of the calories are gone right along with it. An average beer carries about 150 calories, while a non-alcoholic one only holds about 60-80. That means you can have more drinks with your meal if calories are something you worry about. No cheat days needed!

Non-alcoholic beer tastes like beer, smells like beer, and looks like beer. That means you no longer have to be hassled by your friends when you decide to take it easy for the night. There is no way for them to tell the difference and you can “fit in” a little easier if you wanted to.

There is still a long way to go for non-alcoholic beer to become a staple in everyday life. But I definitely think it will get there soon enough. The health benefits are enough reason for people to make the switch.

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