COVID-19 Numbers are Trending Down

COVID-19 Numbers are Trending Down

COVID-19 numbers are trending down due to a multitude of contributing factors. According to the New York Times, the data shows that over the past 28 days, the COVID-19 Pandemic has shown encouraging signs of receding in some of its hottest spots around the globe.

As of January 11, the world has been in a steady decline of average new cases per day. On that date, more than 750,000 new cases of COVID-19 were found worldwide. The United States specifically has seen its daily average drop by 183,000 cases per day alone. This is a great sign for the world that things are beginning to turn for the better, and there are multiple contributing factors.

One major factor was the implementation of tighter lockdowns, especially in Europe. Most countries in Europe do not yet allow indoor dining or large get togethers of any kind. Additionally, mixing households is not permitted at this time. Stricter lockdown rules have helped case numbers lower over the past month, in addition to countries continually having more access to additional doses of the vaccines that are now available to the public. Between the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, there is a constant rise in available doses at this time. With more people getting vaccinated, the case numbers will continue in a steady decline.

Another factor in the decline is completely out of some people’s control: the weather. In Texas last week, a historic snow/ice storm with record low temperatures blanketed the state with the most snow they have seen since 2015. The storm did bring major issues, such as statewide power and water loss, but it also forced people to stay inside and not go anywhere at the time. While a set of very unfortunate circumstances occurred in the Lonestar State, a week of doing nothing will inevitably cause the cases to decline steadily.

In summary, there is not one reason why the decline in worldwide cases per day is happening, but a myriad of contributing factors to the cause. If we stay on this course for a few more months, we could be looking at a return to some aspects of normal life in the summer if everything goes according to plan.

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