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Locate the Life Insurance Policy Unfortunately, it’s common for individuals to pass away with a life insurance policy their loved ones knew nothing about. And sometimes, the policyholder will forget the life insurance exists if they paid it off long before passing away.  When that life insurance money goes unclaimed, it […]

Finding a Loved One’s Policy

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Everything Together When you’ve been with someone for so many years, it may seem like you have everything together. It could be children, houses, cars, bank accounts, or businesses, but how about life insurance? A joint life insurance policy is a practical option for married couples, domestic couples, and business partners. […]

What is Joint Life Insurance?

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Mutual of Omaha recently implemented a new policy allowing more flexibility when purchasing insurance policies for children and grandchildren. Grandparents can now purchase coverage for their grandchildren without the consent of the parent or the child. This policy also pays out a benefit upon the death of the insured to […]

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What Should You Do If You Can’t find your Loved One’s Life Policy? This is a scenario many people face daily. They know their parents have a Life insurance policy but they are not sure where the information is. Let’s say your mother, or father passes away unexpectedly. You think […]

What Should You Do If You Can’t find your Loved ...

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Naming Beneficiaries Made Simple Naming a beneficiary, or multiple beneficiaries, is a huge part of life insurance. Some people show uncertainty on who to name. While others struggle with splitting the percentage of death benefit between beneficiaries. Here is a guide to naming beneficiaries. Naming Beneficiaries for Personal Purposes Most […]

Naming Beneficiaries Made Simple