Your Health Determines Your Life Insurance Eligibility

When it comes to qualifying for life insurance, health is the number one factor. Health is very important because health is not something you can buy. It’s difficult to maintain, can decline rapidly, and fluctuates often. Therefore, when it comes to buying life insurance, health is always critical. When shopping for life insurance, it’s important to look for the right amount of coverage for the right price. However, in many instances, your health determines your life insurance eligibility.

Why You Should Review Your Policy Regularly with an Agent

When you call an agent to get a quote for life insurance, they need to ask a few questions, regarding your health. In order to determine your life insurance eligibility and find a good rate, medical inquiries are necessary.

More importantly, health should be the reason people review their policy often. For example, many clients, who are in their mid-fifty’s to mid-sixty’s, have old policies that are expired. Now they are shopping for a new policy to replace their lost coverage. Unfortunately, their health has changed over the years, making it difficult or very expensive for them to buy coverage. Ultimately, health plays the most important part in the process of acquiring life insurance at an affordable rate. In the end, it’s what determines whether you get life insurance or not.

Life Insurance Questions?

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