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How do Insurance companies determine premiums? Insurance companies have interesting ways to determine premiums. All of them use medical records to help determine your risk, while others actually have you undergo a medical test, including blood and urine tests. We get quite a few questions about Life Insurance and how […]

How do insurance companies determine premiums?

Insurability in Life Insurance Completing a life insurance application requires many answers to many questions. First, we determine and assess the need for life insurance. Then, we begin the application. The application starts off with basic demographics. These include name, address, phone number, etc.  Then, comes the health, medical history, […]

Insurability in Life Insurance

Has a life insurance company asked you about your travel plans? Does your safari trip to Africa now have you worried? Don’t fret! Our Life and Financial specialist, Criss Crombie, explains why life insurance companies want to know if you plan on traveling outside of the U.S. Watch the video […]

Traveling Outside of the US During the Life Insurance Application ...

“Does a DWI disqualify me from a life insurance policy?” Interestingly enough, many clients ask this question. In short, yes. Life Insurance Companies may decline application requests if there’s a recent history of DWIs. However, depending on when you were charged with the DWI, you may be eligible for life […]

Does a History of DWIs Disqualify Life Insurance Applicants?

Diabetes and Life Insurance A concern many share in regards to purchasing a life insurance policy is health. Because health does play a significant factor in acquiring a life insurance policy, people are worried their current health, as well as their medical history, may hinder their ability to get life insurance. […]

Can a History of Diabetes Affect Your Chances of Getting ...

When it comes to qualifying for life insurance, health is the number one factor. Health is very important because health is not something you can buy. It’s difficult to maintain, can decline rapidly, and fluctuates often. Therefore, when it comes to buying life insurance, health is always critical. When shopping […]

Your Health Determines Your Life Insurance Eligibility