Do I Need Life Insurance?

The importance of life insurance is often overlooked or seems like an unnecessary expense. Sometimes a protection plan is not needed. This could occur when you have enough wealth to no longer need it, or your kids are grown. If you are a young person with a family that relies on you, could save your family from financial destitution.

Life Insurance Is Effective

In the event of a major tragedy, families can become bankrupt. The loss of a breadwinner could spell the end to most families who don’t have a backup plan. Taking a risk like this is not a wise decision when you have an alternative. There are many types of life insurance policies on the market such as whole, term, or universal. Whole and universal life insurance policies boast not being able to outlive your policy. This makes sense because having your insurance payout upon death is the reason for life insurance. This thought, however, is not always a good idea because most people outgrow their need for life insurance.

A Time and Place

Life insurance is similar to car or homeowner’s coverage. You probably do not need full coverage throughout your entire existence any more than you may need auto or homeowner’s coverage. If you no longer drive a car, you don’t need auto insurance. If you no longer own a home, you don’t need homeowners’ insurance. Everybody outlives their needs for things, including insurance.

What Is the Best Option?

The point of insurance is to replace the primary income. By and large, professional financial advisors recommend putting $1 million in life insurance to provide for your children if either parent should die prematurely. Because premiums on a policy like this are often too expensive, buying a term life policy is recommended. Term life pays a lump-sum benefit in the event of death.

Why wait a moment longer to secure your family’s future? Act now! Reach out to one of our life and financial experts today! Choosing the best plan isn’t always easy. There are many factors to consider and our experts can help you make the right choices.

Did you know life insurance can be used to save for retirement, and to help pay off debt?
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