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Insurability in Life Insurance Completing a life insurance application requires many answers to many questions. First, we determine and assess the need for life insurance. Then, we begin the application. The application starts off with basic demographics. These include name, address, phone number, etc.  Then, comes the health, medical history, […]

Insurability in Life Insurance

While applying for life insurance, health factors into the process significantly. As such, it’s possible that a recent history of major medical issues may prevent consumers from getting life insurance. However, most severe health conditions have a look-back period of 2-5 years. In other words, consumers can still qualify despite […]

Pre-existing Medical Conditions Can Prevent You from Getting Life Insurance

Since health is a significant factor during the application process, many are worried that their health, either past or present, may disqualify them from getting life insurance. As such, many would prefer to avoid the medical exam that accompanies the application process. Consequently, consumers typically ask if a medical exam […]

Do Life Insurance Companies Require Medical Exams?