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Women reading a map while traveling on the road
How can I travel more frequently? A couple of questions I get asked the most about traveling are, how do you manage to travel so frequently? And how do you afford to travel so frequently? It is common to think that you need a lot of money to travel, and […]

How Can I Travel More Frequently?

do i have too much life insurance
We all know that protection and preparation for unknown situations are critical, but what about having too much life insurance? A financial safety net to fall back on is significant to put into place for your family, but can the blanket be too big? Yes! It actually may be possible […]

What Is Too Much Life Insurance?

A family smiles and hugs each other
The beginning of September marks the first day of Life Insurance Awareness Month. You may be familiar with life insurance, or perhaps you do not know anything about the topic. Let us examine why a person should consider purchasing a life insurance policy and understand the different kinds of life […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month

A bushel of colorful healthy peaches is seen.
When you think of eating a healthy fruit snack, you imagine bright red apples, richly purple grapes, or vividly yellow bananas. But dark yellow peaches are another appetizing fruit with health benefits. Farmers harvest peaches from June to August, so if you have not eaten a peach recently, consider buying […]

Peach Health Benefits

Old Asian couple smiling.
Everything Together When you’ve been with someone for so many years, it may seem like you have everything together. It could be children, houses, cars, bank accounts, or businesses, but how about life insurance? A joint life insurance policy is a practical option for married couples, domestic couples, and business partners. […]

What is Joint Life Insurance?

misconceptions about life insurance thumb
There are many misconceptions about life insurance, and questions often arise when it comes time to review and purchase a life insurance plan. You might believe that insurance is too expensive, that it is only for older people, or that you are not old enough to buy life insurance. Life […]

Misconceptions about Life Insurance

Man writing notes about his relationship with finances
How is your relationship with money? How is your relationship with money? Finances and money represent one of the principal concerns during our adult lives. Much of our effort and quality of life will depend on how we manage our finances while we work. During this time, we must plan for […]

How is your relationship with money?

A tire with safe tread depth is seen.
People don’t usually consider the importance of items we use daily. We drive to work every day and might not think about the significance of our vehicle tires but practicing car tire safety is critical. How can I tell if my car tires are safe to drive on? A tire […]

Car Tire Safety

Child swimming under water.
Cool Off With a Swim With the summer season in full swing, everyone needs to cool off. The easiest way is to have family fun as you get refreshed in the swimming pool. Whether it is the local pool or your own, everyone should know the basics to maintain safety […]

Swimming Safety Tips