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social media success
National Life Group has put out a fantastic resource for agents trying to grow and increase their social media success for their business called Your Guide To Becoming A Social Media Superstar. These great tips and information on social media will allow you to grow your business with one of […]

Social Media Success by NLG

agent during COVID-19
The pandemic has significantly reduced the amount of in-person interaction all of us are having with our family and friends. That has even further cut down on the interaction that we have with people providing products and services like insurance agents. Even though this is the case with the COVID-19 […]

Consulting An Agent During COVID-19

The United States Commerce Department announced Friday that Tik Tok would be banned from apple, google app stores beginning Sunday, September 20.  Tik Tok’s parent company Bytedance is still searching for a domestic company to be able to continue its operations. It is rumored that both Oracle and Walmart have […]

Tik Tok banned from apple, google app stores

Although life insurance medical exams may seem daunting, there are several tips and tricks applicants can utilize to ensure they get the best possible reading during these important assessments.
Medical exams can be intimidating, but they can be even more so when they will be used to determine a monthly life insurance premium. Although a life insurance medical exam may seem daunting, there are several tips and tricks applicants can utilize to ensure they get the best possible reading […]

Preparing for your Life Insurance Medical Exam

The CMS recently lifted the visitation ban from nursing homes and long-term care facilities at the federal level.
Since the coronavirus hit the United States in March, nursing homes and long-term care facilities have largely been on lockdown. Many people living in nursing homes and long-term care facilities have now gone months without seeing their families and friends due to the lockdown; however, that may soon change since […]

Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities Allowing Visitors Again

Deciding how much life insurance you need can be tricky. Luckily, there are a few common approaches that you can use as a starting place.
Most people know that life insurance is an important financial investment; however, few are aware that their policies are lacking in the amount of coverage they need. Deciding on the right amount of coverage can be tricky; many personal factors affect how much or what kind of coverage is needed. […]

How much life insurance do I really need?

At the beginning of August, two pharmaceutical companies began clinical trials for a COVID-19 antibody treatment known as monoclonal antibodies. They have been racing to complete clinical trials and have even claimed they could have this treatment available before the vaccine. What Is The Treatment? Monoclonal Antibodies are synthetic antibodies […]

COVID-19 Antibody Treatment

annuity for retirement
Recently, AIG released two great pieces of information titled Solutions For A Changing Market and Market Commentary. These discuss the recent changes in the equities market and how using an annuity for your retirement is a great way to protect yourself from the ups and downs of the market. Risk […]

Annuity For Retirement Could Protect From Changing Markets